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About using this website- I have created this website as a showplace for my photography and as a record of my visits to what I consider the "Sacred Places of New England". Sadly, in this day and age I must mention that all the work within this website has copyright. It cannot be used without my permission. Please respect all material in this site as my "intellectual property". With that said, I hope you will find this an entertaining and useful site, as well as a source of images that bring to you the natural beauty that is New England.

Each section of the website is broken into smaller sections containing galleries of slideshows pertaining to a subject in that section. Galleries before 7/2005 are from the old website, after that the galleries are all on Smugmug. In the old section, on the left hand side of the screen you will see the thumbnail frame which contains text and thumbnails of each photo in that slideshow. Slides will change every ten seconds by themselves. If you wish to view a slide for a longer period simply click and hold on the scroll bar. When you release the slideshow will continue. You can return to any photo in the slideshow by clicking on the thumbnail.

To order an inkjet, metal or canvas print of any photo in this site simply email:

As this site is created with some of the newest technology it is probably best viewed on newer browsers. Ideally, you should have a broadband or DSL connection to best utilize this site. Also, hiding all the navigation bars in your browser and using the smallest text you can read will help. I hope you enjoy my work and please let me know what you think at

This is a link to a page listing all of our hikes with links to trip reports and photos. Enjoy!

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Ghostflowers the Book- Originally, Ghostflowers was the title of a collection of poems by my late grandmother, Dorothy Evelyn Begg. In my thirties I began to read her poems and realized an immediate connection between what she was describing with words and what I was trying to describe in my photography. As I read each poem, photographs I had taken would come to mind as though they were meant to be together. I have compiled a collection of twenty-four poems and thirty-two photographs into a book with the original title, although it does not contain all the original poems. You may preview the entire book on this website.

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